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PianoLessons.com is a free library of online piano lessons provided by the instructors at Pianote.com. Below you'll find a wide variety of piano lessons to help you get started on the piano; learn piano theory, piano scales, and piano modes; improve your counting; learn popular songs; develop your improvisational skills; and much more!

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Welcome to the piano lessons website! This site is a great resource for free piano lessons for piano players who are just getting started, or have been playing for a while and are stuck. Our videos will help you get started with the basics and also give you some inspirational ideas!

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This website is a great way to build your foundation and get started on the piano for free. But when you're ready to take the next step and fast-track your results with step-by-step courses, live lessons, and a motivational community then we recommend joining Pianote.com.

Pianote.com is an exclusive members-area where you'll get access to insanely well-structured lessons, a variety of engaging teachers, and a powerful online community where you can get your biggest questions answered. Click here to visit Pianote.com.

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Our Legacy Piano Lesson Database!

Way back in 2009 we launched PianoLessons.com as a free resource to help people learn to play the piano for free. While our purpose of introducing people to the piano for free hasn’t changed, our video capture quality has! Check out our library of lessons that were captured when online video was still a new thing!