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Piano System

    The Training DVDs

  • Piano System Instruction DVDsThe Training Workbook - This professionally printed workbook includes over 65 pages of detailed training material. It includes important lesson content that is designed to go along with the beginner, intermediate, and advanced training DVDs.

  • The Beginner Training DVD - Watch this DVD to learn all the vital essentials. It doesn't matter if you have never touched a piano in your life, this training DVD has everything you need to get started with this fun and exciting instrument!

  • Here are a few of the topics covered in the Beginner DVD: basic hand technique, playing by ear, finding middle C, playing your first song, understanding the whole piano, the C chord, the left hand, learning another song, tone formula, basic note values, the key of G, simple chord progressions, using the pedals, essential practice tips, and much more!

  • The Intermediate Training DVD - Watch this training DVD to take your piano playing to the next level. It builds on the essential basics covered in the beginner DVD, showing you new ways to expand your control of the piano!

  • Here are some of the lesson topics from the Intermediate DVD: basic piano theory, piano notation, intervals, scales and keys, minor scales, triads, seventh chords, adding on the 7th, sus chords, forms of the keyboard, piano chord progressions, simple chord charts, learning songs by ear, improvisation, blues, country, gospel, and much more!

  • The Advanced Training DVD - Ready to take full command of the piano? The Advanced DVD will challenge you in new and exciting ways to really explore your creativity around the entire keyboard!

    Here are a few of the lessons featured in the Advanced DVD: jazz major modes, jazz II.V.I, jazz songs, jazz improvisation, advanced rock and pop concepts, improving accuracy and speed, musical dynamics, improving your meter, and much more!

  • Bonus Piano Solos - The training DVDs also include bonus piano solos to help inspire your creativity. Watching other pianists play is a great way to entertain and motivate yourself as you progress through this complete training system!

  • The Multi-Genre Play-Along DVD - This video features eight different play-along songs that cover a variety of fun musical styles, including: blues, gospel, contemporary, country, funk, jazz, and swing! Each song comes in three different views! First, you can choose to watch 'performance view' to see the entire band perform the song together. Next, you can watch Nate teach the song note-by-note so that you can understand how to play it yourself. Finally, you can watch each song in 'multi-angle view' to see the piano from 3 split angles. This way, you can follow along with Nate as you practice!

Piano System Play-Along DVDsThe Play-Along DVDs and CDs

  • The Multi-Genre Play-Along CD - This audio disk includes the play-along songs with the piano tracks removed. This way, you can play along without having to overlap with the original piano performance. It makes learning fun songs easier than ever.
  • The Blue Rain Play-Along DVD - This second play-along pack features eight more songs that you will have the opportunity to learn with the Piano System! These songs are from 'Blue Rain', a band that Nate has been playing with for several years.

    As with the first play-along pack, each of these songs are also available in all three unique views. They include performance, training, and multi-angle views to help you get the most out of each of the fun songs!

  • Blue Rain Play AlongThe Blue Rain Play-Along CD - This audio DVD includes the Blue Rain play-along songs with the piano tracks removed. Again, as with the first play-along pack, this allows you to perform the songs without overlapping with the original piano tracks.

  • The PIano System Play-Along Workbook - Both of the play-along packs share the same professionally printed workbook. It has all of the songs notated out so that you have the option to either learn the songs by ear (as Nate teaches them on the DVD) or by following along with the provided sheet music.

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Here Is What Piano Players Are
Saying About The Piano System...
Annie Street
Annie Street
- Tennessee

The thing I like the most about the Piano System is the fact that it is more "hands on" than my local Piano teacher. I can have 2 or 3 lessons per week if I like, depending on my time schedule. I like being able to review at will.

The highlight of my experience was learning the Circle of 5th's. It was fun learning the number of sharps and flats within a certain Key. Nate made it so easy to understand. I never had it explained in this way before.

Ryan Stroh
Ryan Stroh
- Indiana

I love the piano system. Nate has a very unique way of teaching that is not just based upon the traditional means. The puzzle pieces actually started coming together. Thanks Nate!!

So far I am amazing myself by being able to figure out my own chord progressions. I love learning what makes music different styles and what gives it that "particular sound".

The biggest improvement I have noticed is just understanding the theory, not so much the note values, but from a musical/melodic structure. I can read note values as I taught drums for several years and its nice to be able to understand another instrument.

Javier Opazo
Javier Opazo
- Chile

The thing I liked most about the Piano System is it's step by step progression. The fact that I can follow at my own pace an go back when ever I want.

The fact that my 7 years old daughter got interested when seeing me playing and she has now started to study by herself. (I'm so proud!!!)

I started to "read" music for the first time in my life. My speed has improved mainly because my fingering is now correct.

Sebastien Pop
Sebastian Pop
- Romania

I like the fact that it shows from multiple angles, and also the "blue" keys are very useful. Also it is very useful that you explain it step-by-step and sometimes even repeated some things which was very good, because not all the times I can pay full attention :D

I couldn't say I have a favorite lesson, because I realized that I cannot play a complex instrument like the piano having favorite parts. :)

Since I am a beginner, I was focused mainly at my right hand. These lessons made me distribute my attention to my left hand also.

Anthimos Tangalidis
Anthimos Tangalidis
- Greece

What I most liked about the Piano system was the "easy to follow" way that Nate Bosch presented material which usually seems more complicated with other piano lessons I tried. Finally, I have found a way to actually play piano-with both hands-thanks to Nate Bosch's clear way of explaining and showing how a piano is actually played.

I really liked the simple way that all was explained, and how Nate showed everything in detail ("hands on"), of whatever he was talking about. I really liked the lessons on triads and on chords.

The Piano System has improved my overall understanding of the piano as an instrument. Hence, my playing the piano is finally becoming a reality for me! I am actually able to play the piano with both hands and can figure out songs easily! I really want to thank Nate Bosch for making a long awaited dream of mine finally a reality: actually being able to play and enjoy the piano!!!

Christopher Penny
Christopher Penny
- Grenada

The system is very detailed. I like the idea of being able to see how and what is being taught instead of only hearing. Nate's method of teaching is wonderful!

I have seen my piano playing in a different light. I am enjoying my practice times more that I used to because of the systematic way in which Nate is teaching.

Steven Ludmon
Steven Ludmon
- Australia

I have to say that as soon as I opened the box I was amazed at how good the product looked. Likewise watching the DVD's, I continue to be dazzled by the use of technology in the presentation of all the material.

Well, I'm still going through the lessons but my favorite so far would have to be Amazing Grace. This is an all time favorite that is always lovely to play.

I also have a personal piano teacher and she has commented many times on how good I have become with the use of chords and scales. My sight reading and learning new material has become a lot easier smoother too especially where sharps and flats are used, I'm sure this is a side effect of playing scales as shown by Nate.